OK, so I am finally starting the process of redesigning my entire website.
I haven't updated it in YEARS, and dammit, that's just not cool.

So a quick update and how to contact me....

I no longer work at the shop in Sacramento!
But I HAVE opened up a private studio in Northern California. It's AWESOME! Everyone who's been there just LOVES the privacy and the COMPLETE comfort level it provides. Since it is a private studio I am NOT taking walk-in's and I am by appointment ONLY so I am NOT going to post the address. But if you book an appointment with me then I will give you the address.

I have a new business number. Feel free to call or text it as I have it linked thru and managed with my personal cell phone without having to give out my personal phone number (209)645-2BLU (2258)

Come on over and "LIKE" my facebook page, and contact me there (or via the number above) about booking appointments!

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:: UPDATE ::

Ok, so this thing is in SERIOUS need of an update.

Currently the blog that I have connected to my website is THIS, which is LiveJournal. I think I have outgrown LJ and will be slowly migrating over to Tumblr in the near future. So if any of my LJ buds wanna hook up on there then let me know! Those seeing this via my website will see a seamless switchover so you don't have to do anything different. :-)

Since Xmas of 2010 I have relocated to SUNNY CALIFORNIA. It's a long story, ask me on Facebook.

Facebook, that's another thing. Up until this year I have been boycotting Facebook. I DESPISED it. I still dislike it but at least it's not a divinely passionate loathe. Even though I hadn't touched a social networking site in about 2 years... I liked MySpace because you could be as flashy as you wanted to be. You could reflect your artfulness, or your disgusting annoyingness. I am probably the only person who thinks this but I felt like I had a better idea of who people really were, or at least who they wanted to be SEEN as, which is all I ever wanted, I guess. Having to deal with who people REALLY were was a bit much for me. ANYWAY, since starting work at the tattoo shop I am currently at, they run SOLELY on Facebook, and recommend I seriously make the switch. So I have, and it is slowly growing on me, and I use it every day.

Come & find me:

You can now find me working at:
Side Show Studios
5635 Freeport Blvd #6
Sacramento, CA 95822

*NOTE: The shop will be moving to a new address (same city) and changing names (and owners) next summer.

For all of my Ohio people, past clients and those who were hoping to be new clients, I do still have a LOT of tattoo work yet to do in Ohio, so if you're ok with waiting for my return(s) you can still feel free to contact me for an appointment, though I recommend doing it sooner than later as I am booking up FAST FAST FAST!!!

:: ERROR ::

Last week I was pretty stoked to get a message on myspace from Skin & Ink magazine saying that one of my tattoos was printed in their quarterly issue of "Tattoo's for Women".
After about 10 minutes it dawned on me... I never submitted anything to them for print!

So that got me a little suspicious.

One of my client/friends picked up the magazine for me while I am on post-partum bedrest at home and brought it over to my house.

I flipped through the pages and was a little shocked to NOT see one of my tattoos depicted.
But then it dawned on me, it all made sense now, they must have put my name on someone elses tattoo.
So I flipped back through and found the culprit image.

I am QUITE disappointed in their error as the tattoo they have labeled as mine is not something that I would ever submit to a tattoo publication. It's not even close to my caliber of work or even my style of tattooing.

So it is not a good representation of my work at all. Pretty sad actually. I am not trying to knock the work, it's not terrible, it's just not anything I would ever produce.

:: MISS BLUE, now at INFINITE ART of Toledo, Ohio ::

So Friday was a big day. I just quit where I was working (at Permanently Scarred in Toledo).

I was HOPING that it would go well but it did not.
Permanently Scarred is a good shop, one of the few better ones in Toledo, I had a good boss, but there were two of my coworkers that did not like me for whatever reason. It was a 4 year on again off again battle series of biting my tongue, trying to keep peace, just steering clear of drama and chaos. I left for a short time and returned 2 and a half years ago, and at that time I had super high hopes that if I worked hard and tried to progress my own skills and career that I would gain their respect. But my success only seemed to make things worse. When things were good they were certainly moderately good, good enough.

Anyway, along the line I have personally witnessed several of my clients being mistreated in one way or another, and if I had not witnessed it myself then MANY of you had confronted me about it either in person, or through messages or email. THIS is a topic of which I had already had a blog message typed out about for the attention of these clients but I think that message is important to be included with this one so I will sum it up here really quick... A LOT of you knew about the drama that's been going on. It's been painfully OBVIOUS to a lot of you, and a subtle thing to others. Some of you were lied to. Some of you had called the shop NUMEROUS times for me and the messages were never delivered, or were delivered without a phone #, or were delivered late which was devastating to your appointments. I had witnessed the attempt to have you stolen from me and given to another artist and was TOLD about it by some of you too.
Oh there's SO much more but I feel that if I tell you more it would appear that I was slandering the shop, which I have no intention of doing. These problems were created from the root of one or both people and NONE of that is going to happen anymore.
YOU, the clientele, are the MOST important thing. Aside from maintaining excellent drama-free service to you and providing killer artwork, without YOU GUYS there would BE no service. So it is my priority to make sure that my clients are treated LIGHT YEARS better than I myself am being treated.

About a month ago I registered for a personal business phone number. This number is an all-encompassing number where I have it directed to be answered on the shops phone while I am AT the shop, but then forwarded to my personal cell when I am away. Also all calls are logged no matter where they go so that when the call/messages are not delivered to me I still got the call. PLEASE still use that number, as I have disengaged the forwarding to the old shop, and now you can reach me either on my personal cell or at the new shop.
and the shops number: 419-292-1990

So it is finally time for me to pack my bags and move on to bigger and better things. I have only been in the tattoo world for a short time but I have worked my way up slowly through the pack. Toledo is a small small town and with that are very few tattoo shops when compared to other cities that are absolutely FLOODED with tattoo and piercing shops. Here in Toledo there are a lot of bad ones, and even fewer GOOD ones. For the past 2.5 years I've been working at a good one... but gone are the days where when I tell someone I just met where I work they have never heard of it. I am AMAZED at how many Toledo people have never heard of that place.

There is one shop in particular that stands above the rest. They house a GOOD gathering of some of the BEST artists with such a broad range of specialties within a 50 mile radius until you reach outwards toward the Detroit area where you will find Eternal Tattoos or to Columbus where the list runs long. This is a shop that EVERYBODY has heard of. That is for a large number of reasons, the caliber alone of these artists speaks for itself, and they dedicate a healthy amount of attention to advertising. Do they need it? No. They have a combined clientele that puts all the rest to shame, and that's the glory of this industry that our clientele are our walking billboards for life.

Yes folks, you will NOW be able to find me working amongst Toledo's BEST at Infinite Art Tattoo right around the corner from my old home, almost literally right across the street. If there were any shop I would go to that would be considered a step UP in my career whilst staying within the Toledo city limits, this would be the ONLY one, by a long shot.

I have gained a large number of clients at my former shop who originally had gone to Infinite Art and left due to inability to be seen by an artist or whatever other reason and then found themselves in my chair. I guarantee you, all of my current clients as well as all of my future clients that you can still expect the same KILLER service and quality of work that you have come to know and love about me. And if you still maintain your patronage at the other shop I am sure you will still continue to receive that same level of service by those that remain in employment there.

Thank you all for your endless support!

3930 Secor Ave.
Toledo, OHIO 43623


      So airing soon will be the television show I was called to audition for.
      I would like to share a couple of my feelings about this. As soon as the call came in from a representative of Juma Entertainment for the television channel A&E I was immediately hesitant. I kept thinking "I am not ready for this!" and "I would just make a fool of myself". So I shrugged it off and told her I was not interested. Then I told my coworkers about it and they called me crazy for turning it down. I sat on the idea for a few days and then decided that i should go for it. I figured.... why the hell not. Who knows if an opportunity like this would EVER come again. If I make a fool of myself it would only be my own doing and I'd deserve it at that point.
      So I gave a call back to the representative and told her that I was interested and asked what i needed to do. She said that even though SHE hand selected me I still needed to get approval by the executives and I needed to do an audition tape.
      Her requirements were as follows: Answer 20 predetermined questions, make the video 4-7 minutes long, and be SURE to film it all in the shop I work at.
      After my first take of the video I quickly realized how IMPOSSIBLE it was for me to answer these 20 questions in 4-7 minutes. I was SPEED talking and it was still a 22 minute interview. I did a couple of takes, so much that my responses began to read very robotic and less enthusiastic.
      In order to answer all the questions it ended up being on three different video files, so I took it home to edit them all together to put them on a DVD. As soon as i got home I found that two of the video files were corrupt, not only that but I realized that I did not have adequate lighting on my face and it was very BORING to watch. So I went back to the shop and shot it again with better lighting afterhours.
      Much to my dismay, when I got home, even still 1 of the video files were corrupt. I was SO tired of doing and redoing and redoing this 20 minute thing that i just said FUCK IT!!! And I filmed it at home.
      I'll betcha that was the nail in the coffin. Especially since she said that the shop filming was a mandatory. I was so sick of it by that point I just didn't even WANT to do it anymore.
      Needless to say, I got an email a week after I mailed out my DVD audition tape saying that they went with someone else.
      Yeah, I was a little hurt at first, but I broke the rules, so it was ultimately MY fault.

      Now, I was in touch with one of Thomas Pendleton's assistants (Thomas is an artist that is headlining this show) and he told me of all the hell and havoc that ensued on the filming tour. I gotta say that I am glad that I wasn't a part of THAT, although it surely would have been one hell of an experience nonetheless. Hehe.

Who knows, maybe I'll watch the show and be GLAD that it wasn't meant to be for me. Or better yet, it'll be a killer show and they'll consider me for season 2.

The bottom line is... THEY called ME. Which makes me feel good to begin with.
Good luck to those involved in the show, and I can't wait to see the show when it airs next month!

Writer's Block: Chatty

Do you prefer texting or talking on the phone?
Ooh... I despise talking on the phone. Unless it's to my mom, then I talk her ear off. I am all the way a texter!!!

The only thing I despise about texting is how things are often misread or misinterpreted by not hearing the inflection in a persons voice. And when people are causal mistypers and neglect to correct themselves and you are left totally having no clue what they just texted you.