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21 September 1979

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Things you should know about me:

• I am a tattoo artist.
• I am a Virgo.
• I am a lefty.
Satan to most. Angel to few.
• I am an artist in many ways.
• I am a deviant.
• I try to be organized but rarely am anymore.
• I love my 2 cats, Mojo and Balou.
• I ♥ hot weather so much I think I should move to the sun.
• I am not "goth", I am too fucking HAPPY
• I am ObSeSsEd with the color BLUE.
• I have a MASSIVE digital music collection.
• I LOVE latex fashion.
• I love being spoiled.
• I have a website.
• I like to drink. But am not as much of a lush as I used to be.
• I love horror flicks.
• I love shows, clubs, clubs parties whenever I get a chance to get out.
• I am obsessed with Burning Man
I have a weakness for my amazing husband. I am single.
• I have a weakness for girls that have the following: dark hair, light skin, light eyes.
• I have lived all over the country and love to travel. So if you think you've seen me before... it's quite possible.
• Neener! :-P

Just ask me if you wanna know my usernames.

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